After my daughter left home to go into the military, I was filled with tremendous emotion. Many of those emotions, I didn’t want to feel!!! I started off with happy feelings which quickly changed to anxiety…anxiety turned into heartache…heartache evolved into grief. I once daydreamed of the freedom I would have after my children began leaving the house for adulthood. I didn’t imagine that this FREEDOM would ambush me with a load of lessons I hadn’t prepared for.Each day I struggled to make peace for myself. I looked toward family, friends, and my students for comfort. I was in a brawl with myself and begin playing the VICTIM role. As I searched for answers, I became enraged and muddled as I begin to confess to myself that I wasn’t living happily ever after with the person I turned out to be.Until one day…I decided to become a VICTOR!!!I discovered that what I needed was to create my own winning moves!My desire is that this Blog will help YOU find winning moves. Moves that will inspire you to be better and do better!So what’s your next move?Cherisse Atwater

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