Are you STROLLING through life experiencing a slew of opportunities and have not YIELD to make ANY of them a reality??? It’s time to call out that “brain glitch” and find some Moves to Inspire!!!Training at Moves2Inspire has certainly pushed me to Move to Inspire! It has taught me how to train my body, my spirit, and my lazy brain by creating winning moves for myself daily. Check out the exercises I do in my Lazy Brain Workout:*Be watchful of the sneakiness of idleness*Stop creating excuses to make myself feel better*Focus on what’s important for that day*Never stop acquiring new skills and solutions*Be determined to make things happen*Stop being afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone*Surround myself around people who challenge meThis daily Lazy Brain Workout has changed my taste buds for new, healthier flavors in my life. My brain is now as healthy and fit as my body and spirit. I am no longer on AUTOPILOT and have learned how to avoid ruts and boredom by staying productive, always creating new ideas, and surrounding myself around those who are Dream Chasers and not Dream Erasers!!! It is crucial to create a clean diet and exercise regimen for your body, spirit, and YOUR BRAIN! Remember, the Lazy Brain is real and to defeat it, you must identify it, acknowledge it, then deal with it by creating winning moves daily to stay on top of it. After reading all my posts about the lazy brain, I hope you could move forward with at least one tool to help you learn and grow into the person YOU always envisioned to become. Please share some exercises you perform daily to stay on top of your lazy brain and/or any experiences you would like to discuss that could uplift and inspire someone.I AM READY FOR MY NEXT MOVE!!! ARE YOU???Cherisse Atwater

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