I’ve stayed up countless nights feeling bothered about under performing in certain areas of my life (health, business, and financial security). Walking around trying to gather the strength to smile, get dress, and stay encouraged became another chore on my to-do-list. My lazy brain was taking the lead while feeding me false messages about how I should or shouldn’t feel about myself…always remembering criticism instead of compliments. I was struggling to replace old behavior with new behavior. My old patterns became worthless distractions that cost me time, money, relationships, and peace of mind. I found it bizarre teaching others how to get their “mind right” as I struggled with my very own mindset. After racing back into God’s arms, I was prompted to deal with what I call, “The Key Ingredients”, of my Lazy Brain which was complicated, exhausting, and painful AND I had to do it ALONE. This Lazy Brain Recipe was not mouth watering, tasteful, or filling!!! However, I had to sit down and digest these seasoning mistakes to save my life!!!These Key Ingredients are a Recipe for a Disaster:Negative Thinking (Personalizing, Blaming, Unreasonable Expectations, Depression)Missing out on the present moment (Anxiety, Overthinking, Stress, Boredom, Gossip)Not living to our potential (Accustomed to: I can’t, It’s too hard, I’m tired, I’m too old)Fine Print: The Lazy Brain Key Ingredients will add “saltiness” to your life, and too much salt can lead to life threatening issues.Departing the VICTIM mindset to become a VICTOR in my situation has EMPOWERED me!!! It taught me how to identify, acknowledge, and overcome the Key Ingredients that was causing confusion, heartache, and depression in my world. During this time, I’ve discovered what it truly meant to be “Fit from the Inside…Out” and was ready to “Move to Inspire” in the lives of others who were ready to create winning moves as a VICTOR.Up to this point, I’ve shared why we need to GET OUR LAZY BRAIN IN SHAPE…cut out the KEY INGREDIENTS OF A LAZY BRAIN…my next move is to share with you the LAZY BRAIN WORKOUT.Get Ready for Your Next Move!!!Cherisse Atwater

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