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Are you STROLLING through life experiencing a slew of opportunities and have not YIELD to make ANY of them a reality??? It’s time to call out that “brain glitch” and find some Moves to Inspire!!!Training at Moves2Inspire has certainly pushed me to Move to Inspire! It has taught me how to train my body, my spirit, and my lazy brain by creating winning moves for myself daily. Check out the exercises I do in my Lazy Brain Workout:*Be watchful of the sneakiness of idleness*Stop creating excuses to make myself feel better*Focus on what’s important for that day*Never stop acquiring new skills and solutions*Be determined to make things happen*Stop being afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone*Surround myself around people who challenge meThis daily Lazy Brain Workout has changed my taste buds for new, healthier flavors in my life. My brain is now as healthy and fit as my body and spirit. I am no longer on AUTOPILOT and have learned how to avoid ruts and boredom by staying productive, always creating new ideas, and surrounding myself around those who are Dream Chasers and not Dream Erasers!!! It is crucial to create a clean diet and exercise regimen for your body, spirit, and YOUR BRAIN! Remember, the Lazy Brain is real and to defeat it, you must identify it, acknowledge it, then deal with it by creating winning moves daily to stay on top of it. After reading all my posts about the lazy brain, I hope you could move forward with at least one tool to help you learn and grow into the person YOU always envisioned to become. Please share some exercises you perform daily to stay on top of your lazy brain and/or any experiences you would like to discuss that could uplift and inspire someone.I AM READY FOR MY NEXT MOVE!!! ARE YOU???Cherisse Atwater


I’ve stayed up countless nights feeling bothered about under performing in certain areas of my life (health, business, and financial security). Walking around trying to gather the strength to smile, get dress, and stay encouraged became another chore on my to-do-list. My lazy brain was taking the lead while feeding me false messages about how I should or shouldn’t feel about myself…always remembering criticism instead of compliments. I was struggling to replace old behavior with new behavior. My old patterns became worthless distractions that cost me time, money, relationships, and peace of mind. I found it bizarre teaching others how to get their “mind right” as I struggled with my very own mindset. After racing back into God’s arms, I was prompted to deal with what I call, “The Key Ingredients”, of my Lazy Brain which was complicated, exhausting, and painful AND I had to do it ALONE. This Lazy Brain Recipe was not mouth watering, tasteful, or filling!!! However, I had to sit down and digest these seasoning mistakes to save my life!!!These Key Ingredients are a Recipe for a Disaster:Negative Thinking (Personalizing, Blaming, Unreasonable Expectations, Depression)Missing out on the present moment (Anxiety, Overthinking, Stress, Boredom, Gossip)Not living to our potential (Accustomed to: I can’t, It’s too hard, I’m tired, I’m too old)Fine Print: The Lazy Brain Key Ingredients will add “saltiness” to your life, and too much salt can lead to life threatening issues.Departing the VICTIM mindset to become a VICTOR in my situation has EMPOWERED me!!! It taught me how to identify, acknowledge, and overcome the Key Ingredients that was causing confusion, heartache, and depression in my world. During this time, I’ve discovered what it truly meant to be “Fit from the Inside…Out” and was ready to “Move to Inspire” in the lives of others who were ready to create winning moves as a VICTOR.Up to this point, I’ve shared why we need to GET OUR LAZY BRAIN IN SHAPE…cut out the KEY INGREDIENTS OF A LAZY BRAIN…my next move is to share with you the LAZY BRAIN WORKOUT.Get Ready for Your Next Move!!!Cherisse Atwater


“Get your mind right!!!”, I often yell out to my students during my sweat dripping, exhilarating Zumba classes…BUT for most of us this is easier said than done. I had an eye opener about the “brain” during one of my husband’s training presentations. He taught that the brain is LAZY and want to do as little possible. I began to ask myself, “How is this so, when I constantly over think?” There were many times I’ve searched for ways to make my brain turn off!!!The brain plays a very important role in our lives daily. Its job is to control motor function, balance, and the ability to interpret information received by our sensory organs (eyes, ears, tongue, skin, nose). While reading this out loud, I had thoughts of how the brain’s role plays a similar role in becoming a wife and mother. As wives and/or mothers, we determine how well the family function “inside the home”. As a help mate to our spouse and a nurturer to our children, we create a sense of  balance “inside the home”. We are lead by our intuitive spirit to discern through information received from the world (sensory organs) to sift out the good from the bad. With all this work and responsibility, who wouldn’t have a “Lazy Brain” Right???Listen to me…if your brain is out of shape then your body is out of shape! Your brain serves as the central processing unit for your body (I like to call a machine). Although we all have our own internal design, we must whip our brain into shape by forcing it to follow its orders (our winning moves)! What exactly does this mean? I will use myself as an example.“Being diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago,  was a kick in the gut for me.  I started immediately taking 12 fitness classes per week for 3 months straight trying to bring my A1C # back to normal to prove to my doctors, nutritionist, and family that I was going to get rid of this disease! I became extremely fatigued and overwhelmed with all types of emotion that my brain was on overload. My brain became exhausted by my stress levels, diabetes, daily responsibilities, and over-trained body so it convinced me to slow everything down and just continue to take my medicine (Metformin). So I talked myself into accepting this diabetes and staying on this medicine for the rest of my life. “I deserved a break from all this fighting,” my brain whispered to me. My brain became lazy therefore my body became lazy. My motivation quickly abandoned me. My brain didn’t want to process this disease anymore, so I would turn from every diabetes commercial, turn down every opportunity to learn about diabetes, and turn away from any conversation involving diabetes. Trying to forget about diabetes was easier than fighting it and I became agitated with anyone who brought up the topic. Finally, my brain was able to kick back and relax while my body was on cruise control. Yes…take your medicine daily, avoid dealing with it, and go to your routine doctor appointments every 3 months…easy enough, smooth performance for my brain.”The time is now, to “Get my mind right!”.  To clear out that brain fog and go from smooth to optimal performance!!!  To push my brain and body to work together simultaneously instead of working against one another. This type of training will not be easy but together WE CAN DO IT!!!I would love to hear your thoughts on the Lazy Brain! Do you think it exists?What’s your story?How has having a Lazy Brain affected your life?My next move is to share with you the Key Ingredients of a Lazy Brain.Get Ready for Your Next Move!!!Cherisse Atwater


After my daughter left home to go into the military, I was filled with tremendous emotion. Many of those emotions, I didn’t want to feel!!! I started off with happy feelings which quickly changed to anxiety…anxiety turned into heartache…heartache evolved into grief. I once daydreamed of the freedom I would have after my children began leaving the house for adulthood. I didn’t imagine that this FREEDOM would ambush me with a load of lessons I hadn’t prepared for.Each day I struggled to make peace for myself. I looked toward family, friends, and my students for comfort. I was in a brawl with myself and begin playing the VICTIM role. As I searched for answers, I became enraged and muddled as I begin to confess to myself that I wasn’t living happily ever after with the person I turned out to be.Until one day…I decided to become a VICTOR!!!I discovered that what I needed was to create my own winning moves!My desire is that this Blog will help YOU find winning moves. Moves that will inspire you to be better and do better!So what’s your next move?Cherisse Atwater


Why are you more accustomed to I can’t, there’s no way, not enough time, too tired, ain’t no way this going to happen, etc.?

Why do you stick to limiting thoughts and excuses?

Why do you dodge the hard stuff?

Why don’t you take consistent action for long periods of time?

How can you disrupt your daily habits to make improvements in certain areas of your life and reach goals?

Ten years from now…will you be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things you did do?

Let’s lean on one another…Let’s Talk!!!

Whether good, bad, hot, or cold, I want to hear your thoughts!

Cherisse Atwater